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CVApp is a digital cover letter that serves as a recruitment portal and career development center, both internationally and locally. It provides a unique application system that creates a digital version of a cover letter and allows candidates to upload on our website for a potential employer’s review, giving it a modern twist and making it an effective way to present a candidate’s qualifications.

For more information, watch the video below:

CVApp allows you to send your CV to anyone, with just 3 steps:

1 Upload your CV and written Cover Letter
2 Record yourself while reading the Cover Letter and introducing yourself to the potential Employers.
3 That's it, you're done.
Now you can send your Digital CV and Cover Letter by email to anyone and even share it on your LinkedIn profile.

NOTE: Your CV video will remain private and sent only to those employers whom you allow to have access. CVApps can be viewed only by providing the app key which is tailored to your specific digital CV and is a combination of letters and digits. It cannot be viewed unless given the app key. Therefore, your CVApp will not display in google search results and cannot be viewed randomly.
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